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Friday, October 7, 2011

Raqs Europa

I originally created Raqs Europa in 2008. There's a version of this dance on the 2009 World Dance New York Fantasy Bellydance perforamnce DVD; the performance in this clip was filmed on Oct 1, 2011, at the Venus Uprising "Bad Girls and Guilty Pleasures" showcase.

Raqs Europa is a belly dance fantasy inspired by the glamor of nightclub floorshows from the early twentieth century. The name of the piece is an allusion to the Arabic name for Oriental dance: "raqs sharqi," the dance ("raqs") of al-Sharq ("the East").

The music for this project was a custom commission; it was composed and produced by Jeremy Bloom, based on my requests for structuring and instrumentation. MP3 download available at

Amazing costume construction by Erica Young, who engineered and fabricated a lovely garment from my barely legible stick-figure sketch.

Thanks to videographer Renée Renata Bergan.

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