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Friday, November 17, 2017

Streaming Classes Have Arrived

Halloween Special 2017

This is possibly the loveliest thing I have ever made, although from the low number of views it is also possibly the most invisible thing I have ever made. Please watch it, and show it to someone else.

Published on Oct 26, 2017

To those who celebrate, best wishes for a happy new year. And to all, Happy Happy Happy Halloween!

Music: “We Are the Flow,” Lila,


Filmed September 6, 2017. Music/lyrics sourced from:

"Tagelied," Faun

For years, I have been intending to do something with the lovely piece of music "Tagelied" by Faun. Fearing that someday would never come, I just decided to wing it in this improvised clip.

Happy Equinox!

The sound starts a few seconds in to this video, and hearing it is important to your enjoyment of this masterwork. So before you hit play, turn the sound up or make sure that it is on. Okay, proceed.

Created October 2017. Shout out to celebrity DP my mom.

Short Attention Span Living Room Theater, episode 2

Music: Melody of Love, Mohamed Fawzy. Filmed October 3, 2017.

Short Attention Span Living Room Theater, episode 1

Music is Zanooba, Mohamed Fawzy. Recorded September 28, 2017