The online studio is open! Take class via streaming video on any device.
For Study Guides, "Zeina" info, and other resources for students and teachers, click through to

Online Studio

Streaming classes are here:  Pay $19.99 for one month of access to the entire library, or go one class at a time with 10-day rentals (variable pricing, $0.99 - $7.99).

 As of today (Friday, Nov. 17) I am still cleaning up thumbnails and adding descriptions, and I'll be adding more material about my teaching style and philosophy here. But I have declared the shop to be officially open! Building my online studio is an on-going long-term project, and I anticipate adding 3 to 4 new videos every month.

Please help me let the world know about my online studio! Now through Cyber Monday (Nov 27), I'm offering $5 off any one-month subscription with code AUTBLOGSUB, or $5 off any rental with code AUTBLOGRENT. If you like the content, put a nice posting somewhere on social media. Then comment on this page (or message me through another medium) to let me know about how you've gotten the word out, and I will send you ANOTHER $5 offer for use with your second purchase. Or, if you're in a position to reach a larger audience with some other kind of promotion or advertising and want to negotiate something else, let's talk. Many kisses! MWAH MWAH MWAH


  1. Hello, where can I buy your "Bellydance beautiful tequnique step one", digital version? I'm from Mexico City. Thanks!

    1. Hi! You can rent through World Dance New York (1 year), or Amazon (7 days).

  2. In the first sentence of the first paragraph it might be good to make this a link you can click on:

    I'm excited about your new studio!